It’s up to you to decide how many of them you will have and how much time they will take. ‘Appigo’ is a US-based software company; they have developed a lot of products for professionals coming from different market sectors. If you haven’t heard of Appigo, you should explore their featured programs for reporting, gamification, and overall team collaboration purpose – long before even considering Todo. Since Nozbe is loaded with all kinds of integrations with Evernote, Google, and DropBox to name a few, the learning curve of this application is a little steep.

gtd project management

This will help you free up your brainpower and convert all of your thoughts into actionable steps. Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager that is specifically built for the implementation of the GTD method. The application comes with built-in features of how much time and energy a task will need to complete, along with an option to set due dates what does gtd mean to stay on track with the upcoming projects. Task management tools that follow the GTD method will allow you to add custom task views with filters. These filters could be a priority, due date, assignee, keywords, creation date, etc. Such apps also automate the GTD method through views like today, upcoming, view next, contexts via a label, etc.


Teams can gather on the platform to have productive team meetings, give real feedback, build and share meeting agendas, and build accountability with action items. It can help you create your plot, build story characters, and manage your story all in one application. Writers and content creators can use Campfire to create blogs, YouTube video development process, book writing, and podcast creation. Todo has a widespread following over Mac OS, Windows, Mobile, and Linux. The program allows the user to create virtual milestones within dedicated projects. You can further assign team members and categorize their roles as per their tasks.

gtd project management

Instead, look for a way to capture all of this information in the same tool. In his book, Allen frequently drives the message home that our brains are much better at processing ideas than storing them. When information is scattered everywhere – on sticky notes, in email, or on hastily-written to-do lists, this just clutters up our minds.

GTD Flowchart Creation Guideline

Introduce new lists or views and adapt the template to various contexts. For example, you can brainstorm using Mind Map or Whiteboard View or even embed Google Docs files and edit them in the platform. Whichever you may be, use the template to collect all your tasks and accompanying information. Assign tasks, set timelines, and prioritize by appointing urgency labels.

He writes on topics like software, personal knowledge management (PKM), and personal development. When he’s not writing, you’ll catch him at the local MMA gym, nose buried in a book, or just chilling with the family. A team as such does not necessarily have to define next actions on its objectives and projects, as long as accountabilities for those have been appropriately assigned. Individuals must define their own next actions for whatever has their attention, assigned them by the team, to complete their thinking and get clarity. The best practices of GTD apply equally to teams (and even whole enterprises).

For all actionable tasks, you’ll want to make these as specific as possible. Be sure to add notes, documents, files and the priority level, as well as anyone else who needs to be looped in on the task. The application allows all of the team members to check their to-do lists and communicate with each other throughout the day in real time. This helps in making sure that everyone is in the loop and that there are no gaps in communication regarding the project development process or the project overall. Fellow works best when integrated into everyday apps like Slack and Google Calendar, and when used in conjunction with project management tasks. With Zendone, you can create unlimited actions to get more done.

gtd project management

This step requires a lot of energy and time as you need to go through extensive thought processes to capture all to-dos and ideas in one place. Do you feel that you’re processing multiple tasks and projects in your head but not actually completing them? When you think a lot about tasks, projects, and goals, it becomes challenging for your mind to focus on productivity. GTD project planning is a well-organized system that requires your time and effort. You can excel at GTD project planning by practicing GTD skills and the project planning steps.

  • This will help ensure that the users always have access to their data regardless of the device on which they are using the application.
  • NTask makes it to the top of our list of the best GTD apps merely because of the fact that this simple-to-use application has everything that makes GTD implementation smooth for you.
  • His GTD method lays out how to dump all your mental clutter into an external system and then organize it so you can focus on the right things at the right times.
  • The fewer labels you have to choose from, the easier it will be to remember.
  • You can provide more information in the fields on the right, such as status, due date, and priority.
  • You can set priorities, statuses, dates, duration & estimation as well as precise time spent on tasks, work with progress and cost, and define assignees in case you work with a team.

Also, keep a reminder list for all the tasks that you’ve delegated to others. This allows you to keep track of the tasks others are doing for you. Here is where the time spent clarifying and organizing your tasks pays off. Your system is now full of concrete, actionable items organized into logical categories, ready for you to jump in. You’ll see that all of the labels, projects, and due dates added in the steps above help you quickly answer the question “What should I be doing right now? With your project lists and tasks sorted, you’re now ready to tackle contexts.

gtd project management

The best way to capture all of this stuff is to use a virtual system—not an analogue one. Written to-do lists provide the wonderfully satisfying feeling of crossing something off, but they’re also the worst way to keep track of your to-dos. In reality, a written to-do list is often disorganized, prone to mistakes, easy to lose, and ineffective. The Getting Things Done method is just one time management strategy. The strategy you choose to implement depends largely on which skills you want to improve with time management.

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